Weddings for couples that want something more unique and out of the box! 

Where Weddings & Fitness Get Married!

Where Weddings & Fitness Get Married!

Where Weddings & Fitness Get Married!Where Weddings & Fitness Get Married!Where Weddings & Fitness Get Married!

What are Fit Weddings?

Welcome to a perfectly customized wedding day - just for you

After over twenty years in the event and wedding industry, along with ten of those years owning my own business, High Gloss Weddings & Events, I have come to know weddings, BUT I found that MY clients wanted something different - not the cookie cutter, same as my cousin or friend had wedding day - a unique and special wedding that reflects them as a couple, and their lifestyles!   

I have redesigned and realigned my business to reflect this! 

At FIT Weddings, we are here to help you create the perfectly magical day that you have always dreamed of, no matter how different and out of the box that might be... 

Imagine hiking to the top of an escarpment to say your vows beside a waterfall, or strapping on hockey skates and jerseys and getting married at centre ice, or even popping up at a ball game and confessing your love during the 7th inning stretch....  

Whatever your vision might be, we are here to help it come to life!  If you are looking for a unique wedding experience, drop us a line and let's chat! 

Why Fit Weddings


Not a "cookie cutter" wedding day

You have made being healthy and fit a part of your everyday life why not make it apart of your wedding day too! 

We love couples that think out of the generic marriage box - let's create a unique wedding just for you and your guests with a sporty/fitness vibe!  


Intimate wedding, elopements or...

We love all weddings big or small!  

We think a wedding should be as unique as our couples, so whatever the size we would love to assist you in creating the perfect day, just for you!   We will custom create a package to suit you and your needs for your day, so whatever the size we will be there to assist you on your wedding day.  The best part is that we offer a variety of services from coordination to decor and florals along with makeup and even a venue!  We really are a one stop for your wedding day! 


Life is an adventure!

Let's start your "New Life" together with a BANG and one amazingly fun adventure for you and your guests!  This is YOUR day, let's make it an amazing and memorable experience!! 


Maintain your sanity & your body!

The FIT in weddings also means that YES, we offer ways to get into shape or maintain your body and your sanity during the planning process!  Check out our sister sites - Love. Fit. Life.  and  group and personal training, nutrition & more -  Fitness Fanatic Mom - Rebecca